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The Benefits of Chronically Simple


Unlimited Access

The web-based platform and mobile app work in sync to keep your information updated on your computer and your phone as you input it. Your information: how and when you need it.


Unlimited Storage

There is no limit on the number of documents you can upload, pictures you store, or notes you take. You can feel confident that you’ll always have the information you need in the palm of your hand.


No Hidden Fees

We offer one low subscription cost which you can pay on a monthly or yearly basis.


Support from Our Tech Team

If you experience any issues, we have a trained support team ready to help, just email your questions to


A Community

Our blog is a great place to learn and share with other patients and caregivers. We hope you will join the conversation and engage with us on social media.


A Shareable Solution

Stay connected with your care team at all times, from anywhere. Keep your loved ones updated on test results and appointments so they can have peace of mind, even from afar.

“My goal with Chronically Simple is to create a solution for patients and caregivers that alleviates the stress and burden for families and individuals who are living with a chronic or complex illness, living with a disability or caring for somebody in that situation.”

Kristy Dickinson

Patient & Founder

What people are saying!

After using Chronically Simple for only a few days, I knew it was going to completely change how I am able to manage my healthcare. There are so many features I love, but the fact that I now have one place to store every contact, medical document, appointment date and new prescription is a total game changer.



I’m loving everything about Chronically Simple! You’ve taken away all the extra work of lugging my huge medical binder around. I recently scheduled a Doctor’s appointment and wrote down all my questions in the notes section. Usually, I ask a couple of questions and forget the rest. By using this feature I make great use of our time.



How it works


Sign-up for an account

You can sign up on a free trial or the paid plan.


Fill out your profile

Add your name, birth date and other information related to your condition (or the condition of the person you care for)


Enter in your details

Add upcoming appointments, notes, and medications. The more information you add to the app, the less you’ll need to carry in paper form.


Download the app

Ensure you always have access to your information by using the app (available on iOS and Android)