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Lose the binders, Chronically Simple has all the tools you need to help you manage life as a patient or caregiver. We are your digital solution for tracking appointments, medical records, prescriptions and more on our web-based platform or mobile app.

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Built by Patients and Caregivers,
for Patients and Caregivers

Every part of Chronically Simple was created to solve a problem that patients and caregivers, dealing with chronic illness or disability, said they were facing. We want you to continue to be part of our innovation.

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We’re in this together

Managing your healthcare goes hand in hand with overall wellness and finding a way of coping with the stress. We’re here to share, lend a helping hand and learn from our experiences together. That is what this journey is about after all.

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How does Chronically Simple help?


Did you know that 60% of Canadian adults are living with a chronic disease, and 1 in 12 live with a rare disorder?

Chronically Simple is designed to empower patients. It enables you to take control of your own healthcare as you seek to manage the daily administrative tasks of living with a chronic illness or disability.

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An older man distributing medication to his wife


Did you know that nearly half the population has cared for an aging, ill or disabled family member or friend at some point?

Chronically Simple provides caregivers with the platform to manage the healthcare of their loved ones as they endure the challenges of living with a chronic illness or disability.

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It allows people a simple way to manage their medical administrative needs easily and quickly.
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A versatile and intuitive mobile healthcare app that centralizes your medical and health information.
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The privacy and security of your data is as important as helping you manage your health. It’s built into everything we do. 
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Access, upload and share critical health records from your mobile phone no matter where you are.

Key Features

Take control of the administrative work by linking prescriptions and test results to physicians, to appointments, to expenses, and care team members, giving you a truly holistic view of your healthcare.



Store all your current and previous medications. Receive reminders when it’s time for a refill, ensuring you never run out again.



Get reminders so you don’t forget your appointment again! Keep track of your questions for the physician, and what was discussed at the visit, by attaching pre- and post-appointment notes to share with your care team.

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Keep all your medical records, diagnostic images and test results in one secure place. Take your past results to new appointments to ensure continuity of care.

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Care Team

Authorize family and care team members to have access to the information you would like shared. Share as little or as much with your individual team members.

Share your story

David Reynolds

Having moved from the UK to Canada I found the fragmented health system in Canada challenging. I was used to each healthcare practitioner having access to all my healthcare data and having some level of trust in the system. With multiple conditions requiring multiple specialists, I was left to manage this alone, paying for medical records to be transferred between various parties and ultimately becoming overwhelmed.

What people are saying!

After using Chronically Simple for only a few days, I knew it was going to completely change how I am able to manage my healthcare. There are so many features I love, but the fact that I now have one place to store every contact, medical document, appointment date and new prescription is a total game changer.



I’m loving everything about Chronically Simple! You’ve taken away all the extra work of lugging my huge medical binder around. I recently scheduled a Doctor’s appointment and wrote down all my questions in the notes section. Usually, I ask a couple of questions and forget the rest. By using this feature I make great use of our time.


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