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Easing the stress of managing your illness

Managing a chronic illness or rare disorder is difficult for patients. Appointments, medication tracking, test results, expenses and reports all need to be managed efficiently.
Medical binders may be your go-to for organizing information, but they can quickly become overwhelming. Chronically Simple gives you the ability to track your medication, record how you feel, receive refill reminders and share information with your healthcare and support teams easily.
Built with the help of other patients and caregivers, each feature works to make the day-to-day complexities of living with a chronic illness or disability a little less stressful.

How it makes your day to day easier

Medical Appointment Tracker

Using multiple apps or binders:

Misplaced the note with your appointment? Forget to set a reminder on your online calendar? Paper and calendar apps could result in a missed appointment.

Using Chronically Simple:

Enter appointments directly into Chronically Simple. The app syncs with the calendar app on your device, so there’s no need to re-enter existing appointments.

Medication Tracker

Using multiple apps or binders:

A paper system can’t help if you’ve forgotten which prescription is filled at which pharmacy. And using too many apps means setting many different reminders.

Using Chronically Simple:

Enter medication information, including the pharmacy that will fill it, when to take it and the dosage. The app will remind you when to take your medication, when it’s time for a refill and which pharmacy to contact.

Healthcare Provider Management

Using multiple apps or binders:

Keeping each healthcare provider’s details straight, along with corresponding appointments and records, can be challenging with a paper system or contacts app.

Using Chronically Simple:

Store healthcare providers’ contact details and associate them with appointments, medical records and pharmacies so you can easily see how they’re connected. Find an address easily so you always know where you are going.

Support Team Management

Using multiple apps or binders:

It’s difficult to keep everyone in the loop. Sending out attachments or mass emails can be time consuming and can easily lead to mistakes.

Using Chronically Simple:

Invite members of your care or support team to the app. Once they accept, they’ll have the access and information they need to help manage your care.

Medical Records Storage

Using multiple apps or binders:

Using binders, folders or different health apps to store your medical documents can make it difficult to remember where you put what.

Using Chronically Simple:

Easily scan medical records, test results and more using your phone’s camera or upload via our web app. Then, simply create folders to manage your documents.

Medical Expenses Tracker

Using multiple apps or binders:

Keeping receipts in folders, wallets and/or binders can become difficult to manage – especially at tax time.

Using Chronically Simple:

Scan receipts with your device’s camera or manually enter them in. Expenses can be categorized so you can quickly see a breakdown. 

Symptom Tracker

Using multiple apps or binders:

A notebook can easily be left behind and using several apps makes it difficult to remember which app is most up to date.

Using Chronically Simple:

Enter and rate symptoms based on fatigue, pain, nausea or cognitive levels. Quickly see and share how you’ve been feeling over a set period of time.

Day-to-Day Medical Activity Tracker

Using multiple apps or binders:

Checking multiple apps, journals or notebooks each day can easily result in a missed appointment or late refill.

Using Chronically Simple:

See everything you need to know for the day ahead in one central place. From your next appointment to when a refill is due, it’s your medical planner.

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Hear how Chronically Simple is helping others manage their health

After using Chronically Simple for only a few days, I knew it was going to completely change how I am able to manage my healthcare. There are so many features I love, but the fact that I now have one place to store every contact, medical document, appointment date and new prescription is a total game changer.