An Exciting Update from Chronically Simple

October 15, 2020

I’ve encountered many obstacles while navigating my healthcare journey. In the early days, the days when I didn’t yet have a diagnosis, I often felt lost and overwhelmed. The endless appointments with new specialists, traveling to different cities to be seen by various healthcare providers, and the never-ending cycle of tests (blood work, x-rays and ultrasounds).  Let’s not forget about the paperwork – the tall stack of binders that filled my dining room as I tried to keep everything together.

Managing my health became a fulltime job. So much so that I closed down my recruiting business to focus entirely on my health. I knew there had to be better way for people like me who were living with a chronic illness and for those providing care for someone with a chronic condition.

When I set about building Chronically Simple, I did so with the goal of creating a solution that would alleviate the stress and burden that chronic illness patients and caregivers face.

My hope has always been to provide access to Chronically Simple to as many people who would benefit from it as possible. Earlier this year, when the pandemic took hold here in Canada, we launched a free 6-month trial. Our team knew that the pandemic was creating additional stress for many people. We didn’t want the financial burden of paying for the app to be one of them.

Six months have passed and life is still complicated – Covid-19 is as much a part of our lives today as it was back in March. The challenges faced by the chronically ill community – and caregivers – haven’t diminished. To continue supporting our community, we have changed our pricing model to the freemium model. This means we now have a free offering and a premium offering. I am SO excited to announce this update.  Chronically Simple can now be used for free for as long as you need it.

If you previously used the app but didn’t proceed after the free trial period, I invite you to come back and see what’s new. For those who are able to purchase a subscription, you’ll find there’s a suite of new premium features available to help you to better manage your health.

What’s new with Chronically Simple?

You can now choose between two plans – Free Forever and Premium. Many of the features you’re familiar with – Appointments, Medication, Document Storage, Pharmacies and Support Team - are still available on the Free plan. Users on the free plan also have access to the Symptom Tracker but will need to pick which 3 symptoms they’d like to track.

On the Premium plan you will have access to everything in the free plan along with advanced symptom tracker options and integration with Apple Health and Google Health.

Additionally, the Premium plan allows for the management of multiple people. You can now look after several people and manage all of their information in a succinct and organized manner, all with one subscription.

A full breakdown of what’s included in each plan can be found on our pricing page.

Whether you are a previous customer or someone who’s never signed up for a free trial, I encourage you to check out the app today. Our team has been hard at work this year adding cool new features and functionality to help ease some of the strain that comes with managing a chronic condition.

If you have any questions about the app or how to get started, feel free to reach out.

Kristy Dickinson

Patient and Founder